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Family Road Trip Day 3: If You’re Going to San Francisco

Day three of our summer vacation started bright and early with a lovely view of the San Francisco skyline and a boy reading in it. A very expensive (but not very filling) breakfast later and we were on our way to a day of exploring. First stop, a proper walk through Chinatown while the shops were actually open (we had walked through it the night before, but everything had been closed).


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The boys were somewhat overwhelmed by the sights and sounds, but they soon found souvenirs they would like to take home. Too bad they were very sharp, very deadly weapons. We came to a compromise that if they learned proper techniques for using knives, cooking or throwing, then they could purchase them at a later date. Phew! Minor crisis averted.

Whenever we visit a new place we like walk it as much as we can. In San Francisco that meant 11.26 miles in a day, uphill both ways. I think we got a pretty good idea of the layout of the city, as well as some of the fun and interesting things it has to offer. We definitely made notes of fun things to do next time we go, namely to spend more time there.

Next level stuff.

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Sights we saw in San Francisco:

  • Battery East
  • Chinatown & Dragon’s Gate (we prefer the alleys for the best experience)
  • Little Italy
  • City Lights Booksellers & Publishers (bought a book about feminism, which seemed apropos)
  • Coit Tower
  • Embarcadero
  • Presidio
  • California Line
  • Boudin Bakery for lunch (give us a break, we’re tourists)

Stop in your tracks, you passer-by…

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Of course, we visited many more spots that weren’t on the list. One of my favorite things we saw were the quotes around the monuments to the men that built the San Francisco Ferry Building. They were so poignant (above). We saw sidewalk science (below), a musical staircase, a mirror maze that was the best $5.00 per person spent, and we ate some ice cream in the famed Ghirardelli Square.

Where the sidewalk ends, science keeps going.

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There are so many sites and sounds to see and experience in San Francisco that the boys already want to go back (and we do, too).

We ended our day at Tacorea, a fun little Korean/Mexican fusion place, for some really tasty tater tot burritos. Yum! Then on to Hopwater Distribution, a cozy taproom that has rotating handles of California craft beers, to meet with some friends for an evening of laughter and bonding.

What a great day (and evening)!

Then we were off to bed, resting up for the next part of our adventure . . .

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