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Go Back in Time at Knott’s with Ghost Town Alive!

Growing up in rural Arizona I was surrounded by cowboys and the influence thereof. The hats were everywhere. However, the cowboy way wasn’t just a fashion statement, although a night of two-step boogie and boot-laden line dancing certainly brought out some weekend buckaroos, but a way of life heartily embraced by a community full of farmers, ranchers, and the sweet lull of twang and tradition.

I had a saddle before I had a bicycle.

Decades later I’m in California, which, to be fair, has its own rich western history (not to mention an impact on country music from legends like Glen Campbell, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam), but the suburb cowboy has become something of a rarity in these parts, despite the fact that they film HBO’s hit Westworld right down the street.

All of which has me reflecting fondly on the past—a romanticized version for sure—and considering another twirl of the mustache (to be clear, it’s not a good look on me).

Whit Honea mustache

Enter the new adventures of the old west with “Ghost Town Alive!” at Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park. It is an experience unlike any other (sorry, Westworld), immersing guests in interactive activities to help decide the fate of Calico, a beloved town caught in the middle of an ongoing feud between Sheriff Wheeler and the Mayfields. Guests will take sides and do their best to make sure their team triumphs, then sunsets for everyone!

Ghost Town Alive! is just part of the new summer offerings at Knott’s, so be sure to include it in your family vacation fun, pardner. Ghost Town Alive! runs through September 4, 2017.

Knott's with the Honea family

Top photo: Knott’s Instagram

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