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At the Zootopia

The back of this coffee cup asks, “You want it when?” And the answer, assuming “it” is Disney’s Zootopia on DVD/Blu-ray, is tomorrow.

Or maybe it’s the front of the cup. Who am I to assign labels?

And that is what Disney’s Zootopia is all about (the labels, not the coffee).

That handsome sloth on the mug is named Flash, and he is one of the characters in Zootopia, a film that has become one of Disney’s biggest hits ever. Yes, ever. Think about that for a moment. Flash and the other animals featured in the movie are funny and entertaining, but as I wrote at Fandango, their story offers so much more:

The world is a big bag of stereotypes. We all make assumptions about others based on any number of variables—religion, ethnicity, gender, size, age, sexual orientation and so forth and so on—basically, all the things that really shouldn’t matter when kindness and understanding are both readily available. Granted, some have managed to curtail such thought, or at least the acting quickly upon it, but far too many people spend their entire lives labeling others and fitting them into the nooks and crannies of preconceived notions. Worse, it gets passed down a generation, sometimes proudly so.

Sound familiar? Fun fact, animals are just like us, and there are plenty of lessons to learn in Zootopia. And I’ve learned them:

And now you can, too! Disney’s Zootopia will be available tomorrow, June 7, on Blu-ray and DVD. Get a copy for your family.

We were provided an early Blu-ray copy of Zootopia for the purpose of review. All opinion are our own.

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