A Very Murray Xmas
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Netflix and Bill

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Bill Murray is still looking like Bill Murray, which is convenient, because Netflix just released A Very Murray Christmas, and it is everything right with the holidays.

Granted, due to some liberal cursing the new holiday special may not be considered family fare for some, but we’ve never been fans of the whole “bad word” thing (it’s the intent, people, damn is darned and darn is damned, and all that). Besides, if you haven’t cursed heavily by the time the tree is up and decorated then you just aren’t Christmassing hard enough. Everybody knows that.

A Very Murray Christmas pays homage to the holiday genre through such staples as heavy drinking, countless carols, and that thing where you’re unconscious and your dream becomes the actual show for 20 minutes. Also, Paul Shaffer. Classic Christmas.

Murray plays Bill Murray, naturally, and some of the guests play themselves, like George Clooney, Miley Cyrus (who just nails Silent Night), and the aforementioned Shaffer, whereas others play others. Highlights include Maya Rudolph (icydk, she has some killer pipes), Michael Cera, Rashida Jones, Jenny Lewis, Jason Schwarztman, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, and David Johansen (who was also in Murray’s last Christmas special Scrooged). Sofia and Roman Coppola are among the show’s producers. Plus, the band Phoenix does a mean Beach Boys cover—we even added it to our holiday playlist.

What I really want to do is share clips of everything, but it would probably be easier if you just watched it on Netflix, so I’ll just share this:

Please note, I’m not kidding about the language used in the show. Or the drinking. Whether or not you deem it acceptable for your family viewing is up to you, because America.

Merry Christmas.

This post was written as part of our relationship with the Netflix #StreamTeam. Netflix has a lot of great shows for the whole family available for streaming or rental, which is nice. All opinions are our own, and possibly Bill Murray’s.

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