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Atticus: What’s in a Name?

This is our oldest son. His name is Atticus. We took the name from Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, in which the character of Atticus is a pillar of strength and goodness. Perhaps that’s a lot to put on a kid, but he’s done right by it. With the release of Lee’s novel Go Set a Watchman the name of Atticus is popular again, but this time because the character has changed (or at least our perception of him). His words and actions, namely with regard to race, are not nearly as inspired or inspiring as they had once been, and subsequently we have been asked how we feel about the name now—what do we think about Atticus? However, it isn’t our opinion that matters, but rather what Atticus thinks. After all, it’s his name.

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  1. Yeah I want a banjo now too. Going to have to settle for a ukulele down here in Mexico. You guys made what is likely a challenging conversation to have seem easy. Kudos to thoughtful parenting and thoughtful kids.
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