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An Open Letter to Whomever Can Make This Happen at Netflix

Dear Netflix,

We like you. You know this. We’re about as close as a family and a streaming service could ever hope to be, and for that, we thank you. Seriously, there are hugs happening right now and we don’t care what the neighbors think. Also, quit looking in our window, neighbors, it’s super creepy.

We think you know what this is about. We just finished the second season of Young Justice. And by “second” we mean last. And by “last” we mean why is everything spinning right now?


To say that Young Justice is a good show that our whole family enjoys would be like saying that pizza is a good food that our whole family enjoys, in that our whole family enjoys both of those thing very, very much. Awkwardly so.

We need Young Justice 3, and nothing will ever be right until it happens. True story.

Perhaps you are wondering why we are telling you, Netflix, about this, to which we will respond: Have you seen the internet? There are rumors and petitions, movements and prayers, all dedicated to the begging of you to create Young Justice 3 and then to give it to us all at once in one big bite that we can chew for however many minutes 22 x 26 is. Wait here. It’s 572. We want (at least) 572 minutes of Young Justice 3, and then we’ll want more again (see that bit about the pizza).

Why do we (and every single person alive) love the Young Justice series so much? Because, in the words of our youngest member, “It is epic.” There. That’s all you need.

But if you want more, the show has a depth that is severely lacking in most shows, let alone animated family fare. The writing is amazing. The animation is fantastic. The story is incredible. It is fairly diverse, especially for a super hero show, and it passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors (especially the second season). And there is a clear respect for both the source material and the viewer—it is not dumbed-down to appease younger viewers, and nobody appreciates that more than said younger viewers. Also, their parents.

There is even a hashtag: #RenewYoungJustice, and we’re going to use it, because #hashtags are a thing and we use them. Boom, the math just got easier.

In closing, we love you, Netflix, and we love Young Justice. We think you two are perfect for each other and should get married and make lots and lots of babies, like rabbits, but with super powers.

Young Justice 3 Netflix

What do you say, Netflix? Can we make this happen?

This post was written as part of our relationship with the Netflix #StreamTeam. Netflix has a lot of great shows for the whole family available for streaming or rental, which is nice. All opinions are our own AND THE REST OF THE SMART PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Whit Honea is the author of “The Parents’ Phrase Book” and co-founder of the philanthropic organization Dads 4 Change. He is the Social Media Director/Community Manager of the Dad 2.0 Summit. His writing can be found at Fandango, GeekDad, Disney, Today, Good Housekeeping, City Dads Group, Stand Magazine, The Washington Post and several other popular publications. He previously covered travel for Orbitz, CBS and AOL, and served as Editor of Family Travel for UpTake. Deemed “the activist dad” by UpWorthy and one of the “funniest dads on Twitter” by Mashable, Whit has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and is the 2015 winner of the Iris Award for Best Writing.