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Saving the World With Netflix

When I co-founded the site Dads 4 Change it was with the intent of encouraging empathy and action through strength and grace, showcasing the efforts, time, and dedication from people working much harder than me. Still, my days are relatively long and my eyes are always tired, so I try to enjoy my downtime whenever it presents itself. Lately, that means picking through the large collection of documentaries available on Netflix, finding one that fits the mood and opening myself up to new worlds and endless possibility.

Most nights my wife joins me, sometimes the kids do, too.

We tend to watch documentaries that interest us as a family, although there are times when one or two of us get pulled along for the ride, but that’s what I alluded to earlier—the trying of new things, even if said new thing only confirms my original lack of interest in the subject matter. It happens.

There are a number of documentaries on Netflix that I would highly recommend, but the two that could actually change your life and save the planet top the list: Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy. Yes, they both cater to our vegetarian lifestyle, but there is more to them than that.

Forks Over Knives presents the problems with the American diet, and how our shift to an animal-based menu has played a huge part in the spread of many degenerative diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Cowspiracy takes it beyond our own health concerns and looks at the role of an animal-based diet in destroying forests and oceans, not to mention fun facts like it takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. Do the math.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of documentaries on Netflix to justify your point of view, too. Just pick one and chill. Maybe you’ll save the world in the process.


This post was written as part of our relationship with the Netflix #StreamTeam. Netflix has a lot of great shows for the whole family available for streaming or rental, which is nice. All opinions are our own.

Whit Honea is the author of “The Parents’ Phrase Book” and co-founder of the philanthropic organization Dads 4 Change. He is the Social Media Director/Community Manager of the Dad 2.0 Summit. His writing can be found at Fandango, GeekDad, Disney, Today, Good Housekeeping, City Dads Group, Stand Magazine, The Washington Post and several other popular publications. He previously covered travel for Orbitz, CBS and AOL, and served as Editor of Family Travel for UpTake. Deemed “the activist dad” by UpWorthy and one of the “funniest dads on Twitter” by Mashable, Whit has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and is the 2015 winner of the Iris Award for Best Writing.