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This is the Dawning of the Edge of AQUOS Crystal

We don’t have a home phone—at least not like we used to. We cut that particular cord almost a decade ago. Once smartphones became a thing the only reason to have a home telephone was to take surveys, buy obscure tickets to random balls, or interrupt awkward dinner conversations. I’ll admit, there were a few dinners that I missed it.

Then time ticked forward as it is prone to do and the kids got older, technology newer, and suddenly our boys were spending time alone in the house, sometimes hours, and the only line of communication between us relied far too heavily on messaging and good fortune. It was time, we decided, to get the boys a phone—or at least the older one, because come on.

Needless to say, when the good people at Sharp asked if we wanted to check out their new AQUOS Crystal we said, “YES!” but with slightly more enthusiasm. And then the fun began.

When the Sharp AQUOS Crystal arrived we sat the oldest boy down and told him that he would be the tester, and in turn the testee (is that a thing?) because in addition to learning about all of the cool features on the AQUOS Crystal (like the “Direct Wave Receiver” that lets you wave your hand over the screen to answer the phone, the beautiful edgeless screen, or the ability to unlock it through facial recognition, which, wow) he would also have the opportunity to prove he was able to handle the responsibility of having his own smartphone.

Game on, kid.

Ten minutes later we heard this, “Do we have a selfie-stick?”

Then this happened:

Atticus #AQUOSCrystal

And now it’s a thing.

We’re going to give him a few more days to get the hang of it, both the phone and the responsibility, but he’s a good kid and we have plenty of faith in him. Besides, we can always call him on it, now in literally!

That said, the peace of mind that comes with the boys having access to a phone line as they move into a bigger world and the land of new things, is a nice touch. He should totally play that card as often as we let him.


This is, obviously, a sponsored post, but like anything we do on Family Life on Earth it doesn’t reach publish if it isn’t something we believe in. That’s how we do. Sharp wants to do something for you, too. Check this out:

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