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Disneyland is 60 (And Goats!)

Disneyland is celebrating its 60th anniversary (actual date is July 17) by kicking off the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. We attended the media event covering the launch and wrote about it on GeekDad and The Disney Blog. We also took a lot of pictures. A LOT OF PICTURES. We shared many of them via social media (#Disneyland60), but there are more (videos, too!). Please enjoy:

Tomorrowland Monorail

We spotted the monorail rounding the Matterhorn and straight on til morning, where morning is the Tomorrowland Station and the Tomorrowland wrap is for the movie.

Speaking of the Matterhorn, it now has a brand new Abominable Snowman, and he is super awesome. It also erupts (the mountain, not the yeti) during the “Disneyland Forever” fireworks show. Welcome to the Ring of Fire, Matterhorn (not the Johnny Cash song, but that’s good, too).

Matterhorn Erupting

We also climbed the Matterhorn, because this picture is obviously proof:

Climb the Matterhorn

This footprint was found at the summit. Yes, our shoes were on the whole time.

Matterhorn Big Foot print

The boys rode the tea cups, and we (the adults) did not; however, we did drink enough coffee to fill one of these, and that makes you spin, too.

Tea Party Disneyland

Atticus loves Innoventions, or, loved as the case may be. There are rumors that something from a galaxy far, far away may wind up here, at which point we hope to see him smile again.

Innoventions closed

Speaking of Star Wars, is this the coolest popcorn bucket you have ever seen? Don’t even answer because we know. We know.

Han Solo frozen in popcorn

If you stand by the rockets in Tomorrowland you can see a castle in the distance. WORLDS. COLLIDE. If you stand on the rockets in Tomorrowland you will be asked to leave. Please note: They don’t like selfie sticks either. Seriously, there are signs warning against the use of them and we heard a cast member firmly scold a rider for having one. Plus, selfie sticks make you look like a narcissistic idiot and everybody knows it.

Tomorrowland Castle

In case you’ve ever wondered what a fireworks show looks like to the fireworks. It looks like this:

Disneyland Forever fireworks

We canoed! And then a crocodile bit my hand off. One of these statements is more true than the other, but they both made my arm sore.



Everyone knows there ain’t no party like a Disney California Adventure party, because a Disney California Adventure party don’t stop, so we went there. But unlike said party we did stop on the way across the Esplanade to say hello to our little friend the family stone—the Family Life on Earth stone, that is.

The Disney Family Stone

See? Dancing! IN. THE. STREETS.


Like Innoventions before it, Condor Flats is no more. However, unlike Innoventions it is actually still there, just re-imagined to fit the Grizzly Peak area. Is it a theme park or a national park? It’s a hybrid! Welcome to California.


Some say it’s a marshmallow world. It looks more balloony to us.


If you have a chance, check out the new “World of Color-Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney and Neil Patrick Harris” because it’s pretty special and pretty wet, plus there is an awesome Star Wars part with fire and smoke monsters (not actual smoke monsters). See? Smoke monsters! IN. THE. SKY.



We think that it’s a sign. Two, actually.


By now you are probably wondering about the goats, because totes and all that. The running of the goats is an open Disneyland secret, meaning that it’s not actually a secret, but most people don’t know about it—every evening around 6:00 (seasonal and times may vary) the goats (and a few sheep) are released from the Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo and allowed to race back to their sleeping area. Cuteness ensues (and a bit of poop).

In case you were wondering, we were also there for Disneyland’s 50th anniversary, so it’s like a thing now—we go to Disneyland and we celebrate. We’re celebrators.

Disneyland 60th

Like Disneyland anniversaries? We also attended Disneyland’s 50th!


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