The Honea family at RunDisney's Avengers 5k
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Assembling With RunDisney

The shoes held fast the scent of miles ran and the memories with them, now quiet in the corner of the hotel room, pressed loose by little feet always growing, and wanting for air. The alarm sounded and we opened a window to let the day come in. The shoes assumed the position.

Our morning had begun in darkness, cool and early, with magic all around us and a horizon full of heroes. There were gates and groups and the constant sound of excitement awake and building. We were a family in the back row, tired from time and travel, but ready for a run and happy just to be there. We stretched and we stopped and we waited on the starting.

Running as a family is equal parts bonding and exercise, the steady pace of a joyful noise, and the embracing of both journey and destination.

Running as a family through the Disneyland Resort during the inaugural Avengers Half Marathon Weekend adds layers of magic and marvel—turning miles into milestones and every step into a story told. You are the ride and you are the parade. The parks are yours to run through, and all that is missing are the churros.

We are fairly new to running, but the boys have taken to it like fish to something wet. They are quick and full of endurance. They have inspired my wife and I to join them on their quest, even as we fall further and further behind them. We are still in this together, and there is plenty of time for hugging at the finish line.

Citing age restrictions and bouts with poor health we opted for the Avengers 5K rather than a longer run, and it was the perfect length under the circumstances; however, it left us wanting to run all the farther the next time, and it reinforced the need for commitment and training. Our souvenirs are the daily reminders that every step is necessary. Also, a Captain America t-shirt.

Our experience with RunDisney has brought with it a new goal, and that is to run in as many RunDisney races as possible. The training has left the station, and we hope that you follow along.

RunDisney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend

Special thanks to RunDisney as my family and I were guests of RunDisney during the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend, and it was super. All opinions are my own (and those of my family).

Whit Honea is the author of “The Parents’ Phrase Book” and co-founder of the philanthropic organization Dads 4 Change. He is the Social Media Director/Community Manager of the Dad 2.0 Summit. His writing can be found at Fandango, GeekDad, Disney, Today, Good Housekeeping, City Dads Group, Stand Magazine, The Washington Post and several other popular publications. He previously covered travel for Orbitz, CBS and AOL, and served as Editor of Family Travel for UpTake. Deemed “the activist dad” by UpWorthy and one of the “funniest dads on Twitter” by Mashable, Whit has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and is the 2015 winner of the Iris Award for Best Writing.

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