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A Day in D.C.


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Honest Abe in a pair of freshly painted pants.

Apparently the United States government is going to start working again (this is from last year, but it still applies), and the Internet isn’t big enough for the jokes. However, I think there is plenty of space to show you some of the fun that tourists and tax-payers can once again enjoy without resorting to Night at the Museum 2 screenings.

My youngest son, Zane, and I were guests of the Hilton Garden Inn earlier this summer. It is located within walking distance of the White House and the National Mall, so we took advantage of our location, location, location, and saw some stuff (but first we took advantage of the omelet bar in the HGI lobby, because, hello, omelets!).

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The monument to Dr. King was still under construction.
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We had no idea the storm those clouds would bring…
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This is a monument to awesomeness at the kid and beer-friendly District of Pi Pizzeria.
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Half of the right brothers. See what I did there?
korean, war, vets, vetrans, memorial, washington, d.c., monument
The Korean War Veterans Memorial is somber and humbling—to the point that I didn’t make a single M*A*S*H reference.
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The National WWII Memorial is huge and hauntingly beautiful.
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Me thinks the BSA doth protest too much.
white house, whit honea, president, obama, d.c., washington
Note: Secret Service does not think “the Whit House” is funny.



All photos taken on my iPhone. That’s right.

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